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So this week Brendan wanted to try cross country skiing. Did you know that it is referred to as XC Skiing. I didn’t. I also didn’t really mind if we didn’t try it!! We went to Capreol XC Ski as it was the cheapest option – $5 for the skis and $5 for the trail pass. We tried the 2 km trail and it was AWESOME! We will definitely go back. The club is run by volunteers and they were all hugely helpful; from getting the skis measured to advice on trails. We both found it to be quite a good work out – although our methods differed immensely. Brendan favoured the ‘two ski poles in the snow and pull yourself forward’ method, whereas I liked the ‘walking in the snow on two narrow strips of wood’ method. Who knows who is right?!?! There were a couple of minor downhills which were fun but we both decided the uphill on this small trail was quite enough – if it had been any steeper we probably would still be stood at the bottom now as the snow was very slippy yesterday (not just our amateur opinion).

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Today we are visiting the Snow-Cross at Sudbury Downs. I believe this will be people on snow machines driving fast in circles. I will let you know how it goes.

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