It’s here, our last day..
Hannah's flowers from Golder
The view out of Hirondelle on our last evening
Suite cases
Hand luggage

We had a great leaving do, it was great to see everybody, no worries if you didnt make it!
We packed and said goodbye to our parents on sunday. We had an interesting journey in the taxi, it wasnt the regular chap John, it was his wife, who went via the A303. and smoked. and didn’t wear her seatbelt the entire journey! It was great to see Kim, Beccy and Mark at the airport, especially at that time in the morning! Thank you for seeing us off.

Hannah’s back is unfortunately still rather painful-making it a struggle to walk. But we are both visa’d up now :) so able to work here.

We are now sat in deartures waiting for our connection…studying the Canadian money :)

Keep checking for updates!

Lots of love to all



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