The rear screen heater had failed to function. I wasn’t sure why until I opened the boot lid to find out how the bumper unbolted and spotted that the connector to the heating grid had come away from the heating pattern on the window. So I not really knowing how to re-attach it I bought some electrical glue stuff on ebay. It turned up in the form of some silvery paste in a hypodermic syringe arrangement. Lethal I am sure.

Here are the instructions that are on the back of the packet exactly word for misspelled/incorrect word:

Usage method:
One: Workshop production line, combined with the actual situation, the conductive silver paint can be printed directly on the circuit board, can be used 100-140 °C below the barbecue 30 minutes to complete the curing, suitable for LED lamps and low-temperature paster components circuit board production and development.
Two: Repair button/keyboard/circuit board/and personal DIY use.
1: Stir the conductive silver paint evenly first, and the syringe can twitch the syringe back and forth.
2: Remove the attachment surface (the location that needs to be re paired) with alcohol clean, no alcohol can use pure water or directly wipe clean, if there is oxidation layer please scrape off first;
3: Gently apply a layer of silver paint on the attachment surface, just a thin layer can be applied naturally after the uniform smear, with the condition, can be used electric blow with hot air file blowing for about minutes to be completely dry after use.

back of packet instructions (badly translated by someone from Japan Iimagine)

So I just grabbed Hannah’s hair dryer and gave it a shot.

This is the connector stuck in place prior to my breaking it off again trying to press the electrical connector onto it.

I taped it in place and heated for what felt like an age and then gave up and left it.. I hope it goes off over night.

UPDATE: I went and checked a moment ago to see if it’s stuck. No luck. I shall try applying the soldering iron to it this evening.



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