Video’s from Mackinac

I had to take some videos to prove that I didn’t ‘photoshop’ the pictures.

So, the first video (in chronological order of cause) is taken on the boat travelling to the Island on the Friday at about 4.20pm.

Then I took a video of the street outside the place that we stayed, Park Place Suites.

On the Saturday morning we went for a walk past the harbour, this is the calm mirror like water.

We then picked up the bike, this is about our second stop. So only about a half mile into our journey. So still, and then a mile on we took this one.

And lastly Hannah took a video of us going over the bridge to Michigan

And that is all folks!

There are some panoramic pictures to make up, so they’ll go up here soon.

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  1. Another set of beautiful photos (videos).
    Are we the only ones who comment on your blog?
    Is the driver available for our tour in June?
    Lots of love

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