Well, we’ve not been up to very much this weekend, Hannah had to work Sunday as normal, but at least we get the Monday off as well. On Saturday we chilled and didn’t do too much, I went to the gym and did some shopping in preparation for the big celebrations of June. Sunday Hannah worked and I went to the gym and then to Wild at Heart where Bryan and I re-fitted the air ducting. Monday; Hannah and I tried to drive to Timmins, we drove as far as Crab Lake where we ate lunch and took three pictures, the ones of the lake, Hannah the car. We then drove on north towards Timmins, we got to Baywolf Camp where the road was blocked going north, so I went into the camp and asked why. I was told that there was a forest fire which is why the road was closed! So we turned around and drove home.

I have been modelling the round building, which I think is pretty cool. I have been and taken some pictures as you’ll see..

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