Up-date on Christmas Eve!

It hasn’t stopped snowing now for6 hours or so, we had about 6 inches of snow on the car when we left to go and see the Living Nativity (http://www.allnationschurch.ca/). It was really cool to see the snow, it really feels like Christmas now. Hannah was very excited to clear the car of snow, I made snow balls, and she swept snow at me.. We had fun, the we drove out to Science North, where the car park was completely full, cars every where! We drove into and back out of the carpark, we were able to park 3 turnings up the road on the left. We walked back to the show, we got there and it had started, we watched from the hill (Here – Link to Google maps) and watched the show (Here). Were were stood with another 50 or so people. We then walked down and got free hot chocolate ad watched the rest of the show, the fireworks started, watched fireworks in the snow is awesome. The whole sky lights up as the light reflects off the falling snow, amazing! It is really light outside even now (9pm) because the street lights reflect off of the snow and make everywhere look lighter. The sky is even light now with the light from the city. Its pretty cool! Happy Christmas!

Its now gone 9pm, this is the view outside