We went for coffee and breakfast in the snow on Saturday morning at our local Country Style, we walked there in the snow! It was a lovely start to our weekend. Later on we went into town for the sleigh rides, we got there in time to see the horses and 6 wheeler cart go off around the corner of Larch and Durham streets, so we walked along to where the rides where going from, we spoke to a guy involved in running it who said it’d be 10 miniutes before it was back again. We went into a candy store called Boo Bah Lou 2, we did buy some candy there, they had in stock many British candy’s that’s we’ve not seen in many other places. We returned in time for our ride which was good fun, it took us out and around the arena and back again (lucky that!). Later on we went to the arena again for the hockey. The Wolves started well, scoring their first goal after only about 3 minutes and again soon after, they eventually made 4 goals, but not before the other team had also gained 4 goals. They finished the game in this state and went into extra time, then into penalties, after the 9th they finally lost. During the game some children (about 6 or so) were trying to learn to catch popcorn in their mouths.. throwing it up and failing again and again to catch it, probably the youngest was stood out in the isle throwing up fist fulls of popcorn and trying to catch it. We also made paper chains in the morning, we have one made so far, I expect more will go up before Christmas.

Sleigh and hockey01.jpgSleigh and hockey02.jpgSleigh and hockey03.jpgSleigh and hockey04.jpgSleigh and hockey05.jpgSleigh and hockey06.jpgSleigh and hockey07.jpgSleigh and hockey08.jpgSleigh and hockey09.jpgSleigh and hockey11.jpgSleigh and hockey12.jpgSleigh and hockey13.jpgSleigh and hockey14.jpgSleigh and hockey15.jpgSleigh and hockey16.jpg



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