First off we went to Coniston were we visited a church bazaar and got Brendan got to meet one of Hannah’s IT students, we had a lovely lunch and got some cup cakes, then we headed for Toronto. About half way we stopped for a coffee at a gas station. We got our coffee and hot chocolate at Country Style, but it’s part of a small strip mall of sorts, so Hannah went and took a look around the shops, there was some fun stuff there, but we didn’t get much. We did get a couple of kinder eggs though, they’re really cool these days:

Anyway, we arrived safe and sound at 7.30 having taken a wrong turn before the 401, but we didn’t need to break the maps out of the glove box, we’re almost locals here now, I am sure the receptionist at the hotel recognized us!! (Please excuse the miss spelled words, they call it ‘English’ but I’m not convinced)



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