Yesterday we got up early, leaving the apartment by 6.30 and headed for Toronto, made good time, stopping only once in Parry Sound for a Tims and being slowed in Barry by the snow and traffic. What a weekend we have chosen to travel. We hadn’t realized that it’s the Grey Cup (CFL) weekend, last Thursday it had been Toronto vs Montreal (27-20), then also on Thursday it was Calgary vs BC (34-29) and so it being Tonroto vs Calgary today (Sunday) the city was heaving with people. The atmosphere was good thought, we parked underground on part of the “path” the underground walkways, we walked partly underground then through the city streets to the Eaton Center, where we did a bit of shopping, sight seeing on the Christmas lights and decorations. We ate in Baton Rouge which is attached to the mall. We also visited the CN tower, but didn’t go up it. We then eventually managed to find out car again an returned home arriving back here at 11pm, the journey was hampered a little by the many football fans heading into the city, but still we made great time stopping again in the same Tims as on the way down for a chocolate milk and a doughnut. Tigger was pleased to see us when we got back.

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