Too deep today

I thought I would head for Bramshill ford to see how deep it was. I went in until I had water rushing into the foot wells, at that point I stopped and reversed out. After failing to make the ford i picked a rough towards Salisbury. Then I met the police on the byway, they were inspecting a burned out caravan. I moved the caravan chassis with my hilift jack and continued. All in all a good trip.

20160110_100910.jpg 20160110_100728.jpg 20160110_101250~2.jpg 20160110_110113.jpg 20160110_111559~2.jpg 20160110_114457~2.jpg 20160110_114512.jpg 20160110_121302~2.jpg 20160110_125901.jpg 20160110_125625.jpg 20160110_141639~2.jpg

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  1. I thought your Landy wheels were white?
    Also I was looking at pre ’65 trials in Japan(you tube) several TY’s!

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