Not a great deal has been happening with us. Last weekend we were pretty social, going to friends on Friday and Saturday night then having friends over on Sunday night. Last week was scorchio, since then we have had a few thunder storms which have given way to fairer weather, a lot less humidity, which was regularly reaching the 100% mark. This week we gave up the Versa, the lease expired. Not more car for us.. poor us.. just pulling your leg, you didn’t really think for a moment that Brendan would go car-less did you?? Te he. We have a rental now, a Mazda 3. Hannah has been super organised as normal, and is getting things organised for the big move. I think Tigger is convinced that we’ve gone crazy, he’s having to inspect all these new boxes and things which are coming out of hiding or simply moving location.

I have been trying to get some better settings into my remote for the big helicopter, I flew it very successfully in the living room the other night. I was going to work the title into the body of this post, but only now have I realised that I didn’t, I was going to make some kind of reference to the empty flat, but instead I shall point you to the recent news that a sinkhole opened up in Sudbury the other day. News on CBC.



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