We’re taking up the gravel at the back door and planning to replace it with paving slabs. We have a lot of the gravel up, but I wanted to get shot of a fair bit, so Simon said he’d have it at his place as infill around his new house. So we spun up there in the Land Rover well laden. I forgot to get an after shot of the side of the Land Rover for comparison.

We had already unloaded two bags and a lump of concrete before I took the photos, we weren’t about to put them back in just for a picture. That was 4 fingers between wheel and arch, normally I think I can fit way more than a hand in there. I guess it’s similar to the front arch when unladen. There were about 8 gravel bags, I would think each weighing about 25 kg, they were right on the limit of what the bags could hold and not far off what I could lift. plus a lump of concrete that must have been about 15 kg. I think these Land Rovers were sold as 1/4 tonne capacity, so that was fairly close.

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