I broke the tail fin which protects the tail rotor from contacting with the ground. I ordered a replacement part, but being a little tight, I thought I would spend less than $3 on only the part rather than more than $12 on the full assembly, figuring that regardless I would save a little. However I had to buy a soldering iron to complete the job, on which I spent almost $25. Now way over budget, I returned home and started the procedure of stripping all of the tail apart. I had to press the motor from the broken tail fin, in doing so the back came off the motor. I successfully un-soldered the connector as required, and re-assembled and soldered the joints. I tried to replace the back of the motor which houses the brushes, which being so tiny was not easy. Needless say this didn’t go well, I damaged the brushes, upon closer inspection with my microscope, were well bent. I got it working, but not well enough. I have now ordered the full assembly, as the motor is the expensive part… Either way it  as fun to do it and I know for next time.

GEDC5120 (855x1280).jpg

GEDC5122 (1280x855).jpg

Whilst I was doing repairs I also fixed up the now broken ‘new’ chassis which I replaced a new of weeks back!! I used some very thin plastic and super glue.. not yet tested as I can’t fly it at the mo..

As my two original 200mAh batteries are beginning to fail I thought I’d take the opportunity to upgrade. I got a couple of 240mAh batteries, they a little longer. (Old is yellow ended ones)

GEDC5123 (1280x856).jpgGEDC5129 (1280x856).jpgGEDC5130 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5135 (1280x856).jpg

The last image is of the small bulge which locks the battery connector into the helicopter connector, it was very good at it’s job, so much so that I removed them.. should make my lift much easier!

GEDC5136 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5140 (1280x853).jpg

Hannah got a couple of pictures of Tigger and I having a little wrestling match.. then Tigger got shy!


Hannah can’t wait for Easter, She’s not had chocolate, crisps or Coke since lent started. She’s done very well, I suggested that I would do the same in support of her cause, but within only days I had accidentally ordered a muffin with chocolate in it, then days later chocolate milk, so a fail on my part! Kinda gave up after that, but still when I am with Hannah I stick to the rules..



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