I have a very minor oil leak from someone around the swivel, probably form the swivel seal. We’re talking over the course of a week perhaps a few drips. Annoying but not a disaster, I had put new oil into the axle and swivels a year or so ago, so I will drain out the oil and replace it with “One Shot” grease, this should to be thicker and hopefully not leak out. I left the oil draining over night so as to get most of it out. Drained the oil out, it looks a little emulsified. The seal and swivel look okay, perhaps the seal is just old and failing to press against the swivel well enough. Next job is do the refill with the One Shot stuff.
We’re taking up the gravel at the back door and planning to replace it with paving slabs. We have a lot of the gravel up, but I wanted to get shot of a fair bit, so Simon said he’d have it at his place as infill around his new house. So we spun up there in the Land Rover well laden. I forgot to get an after shot of the side of the Land Rover for comparison. We had already unloaded two bags and a lump of concrete before I took the photos, we weren’t about to put them back in just for a picture. That was 4 fingers between wheel and arch, normally I think I can fit way more than a hand in there. I guess it’s similar to the front arch when unladen. There were about 8 gravel bags, I would think each weighing about 25 kg, […]
I decided to make up an end bit for the top part of the dash last night, this hole should have a plastic bit over it: So I made up a paper template: Found some nice second hand aluminium and having drawn around the pattern twice, once right side up and once right side down for the other end.. Then using the vice and a small hammer: Took about 45 minutes to fabricoble that together. Not bad eh? Just need to do the other side now.
I joined up with the Dorset Land Rover Club a few weeks back, hoping to make the odd RTV trial at some point this year. They sent me a nice pack of bits consisting of the winter edition of their magazine and a window sticker along with my membership card. Today I thought I’d apply the window sticker somewhere sensible. I don’t understand why a Land Rover club would supply a window sticker. Surely these people have driven Land Rovers and understand that the windscreen is small enough already, and although visibility is already poor, there is no need to actively make it worse. I used a no more nails type adhesive and now it just remains to be seen how well that adheres to the shiny side of the sticker. I tried brake cleaner on what was the sticky side, but once the solvent evaporated it was sticky again, […]
Since fitting the second reversing light I have not walked behind the Land Rover and seen what they look like. I have been using them as I have been reversing around in the drive way a fair bit recently. Since there is no street lighting around these parts, having reversing lights that actually illuminate the world behind is a bonus.
When I last welded the gear stick back together after breaking it a year or more ago I did an okay job. I had been thinking that it could do with improving a little as it was narrow and far from an even diameter where the weld was, weld was burned in a bit deep. So this time I returned to it and added some decent beads of weld over it ground it back. This picture was taken after I had removed my welding mask from my head and returned to the work and realised how cool it looked glowing red hot, so by this time it had cooled a lot. I did give a quick coat of clear lacquer, but I did this too soon while the metal was still hot and I think that made the lacquer go milky. At least it’ll stop it from rusting.
I had this incredibly minor issue where when the Arduino is initially turned on it goes through the setup bit of the code setting pins to be what ever you want them to be and making them inputs or outputs. As it was doing this and where I had relays attached to these outputs, the relays would momentarily come go into the on position before being turned off in the body of the code as the input is pulled down and then the switch position read. This only really became an issue when I get the horn working on the Arduino. Each time the ignition was turned on the horn would just do the tiniest beep. I did some reading on forums and found a easy coding fix for this. This fix was to add the digitalWrite in before the pin is set to be an output. Simple eh? it’s […]
This throttle linkage caused me some issued the other day, it jumped off and left me with no accelerator, luckily this happened at home and I was able to quickly fix it. I realised in that instant at that really I need to do something better and more robust to stop this from occurring again. The old linkage was a 5mm diameter bit of aluminium bar, so very soft and the end links didn’t fit quite snuggly enough. So I purchased some stainless steel M5 thread bar and some M5 ball joints. I made up this replacement rod with ends.. That is not going to drop off I don’t think.. I hope!
I took a trip to do two fords on Gascoyne Lane this afternoon. I had been struggling to find these based on my poor local knowledge. This is the first ford that I came to, very pretty with a good gravel bed and perhaps not that deep, maybe 18 inches or so. This YouTube video is of the same ford. Then I drove on to the next bit of the River Frome here, this is less wide, but faster flowing and deeper, particularly near the bridge where it is more then 2 feet deep. I used a handy stick to dip it as it looked deeper than that and I didn’t want to get wet feet today. This ford was good too, similar to the first one, both lacking a depth marker. I set my tripod up to record this crossing too, dashed back to the land rover and drove […]