I decided to make up an end bit for the top part of the dash last night, this hole should have a plastic bit over it: So I made up a paper template: Found some nice second hand aluminium and having drawn around the pattern twice, once right side up and once right side down for the other end.. Then using the vice and a small hammer: Took about 45 minutes to fabricoble that together. Not bad eh? Just need to do the other side now.
We visited the hill fort at Maiden Castle which is an English Hertitage site, free to visit and park. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/maiden-castle/ On yonder hill you might be able to make out a 21st century settlement known to the locals as Dorch (Dorchester). Tacked on the end (left hand end in this photo) of this is another settlement called Poundland (Poundbury officially, but the non locals like to refer to it this way.) This is the entrance to the west end. Looking out from the West entrance towards Poundbury in the distance. It was a fairly windy day, so bitter up on top of the well exposed hill fort, still fun was had we will certainly return.
I took a trip to do two fords on Gascoyne Lane this afternoon. I had been struggling to find these based on my poor local knowledge. This is the first ford that I came to, very pretty with a good gravel bed and perhaps not that deep, maybe 18 inches or so. This YouTube video is of the same ford. Then I drove on to the next bit of the River Frome here, this is less wide, but faster flowing and deeper, particularly near the bridge where it is more then 2 feet deep. I used a handy stick to dip it as it looked deeper than that and I didn’t want to get wet feet today. This ford was good too, similar to the first one, both lacking a depth marker. I set my tripod up to record this crossing too, dashed back to the land rover and drove […]