The bike trailer that we have used to have a clamp arrangement that was meant to attached to the rear trailing arm right before the rear axle. This worked just about okay on the Claud Butler, short of the fact that it struggled to grip the small bore tube that the bike was made from. Then Dad kindly gave me his bike, so I tried it on that and it wouldn’t fit in the right location due to the disk brake calliper being there. So I set about making a custom mount. First off I stripped off the existing clamp arrangement. I forgot to get a before photo. It just so happened that there are two threaded holes at the rear of the frame that I guess might be for things such as a mud guard, pannier rack or kiddie seat. So I utilised those and just bent a bit […]
I think that pretty much tells the story. I bought this bike about 4 or 5 years ago for £75, thinking I would ride to work. I never did, but I did ride about Bracknell a little, I enjoyed it, but now I am riding it a few days a week and feel that it’s time to replace the tyres, chain, cassette and probably put two new tubes in it also. Wild times, I know. Obviously I’ll likely fit the very cheapest of cheap components so as not to totally write the bike off. This shows how much the chain has stretched: