Speedo cable

That’s misleading. I set out tonight to remove the speedo cable from the Volvo to see where it is broken. Later on this evening, having not removed it, I realised that I think the cable has just dropped out of the back of the speedo. So tomorrow evening perhaps I will pull the dash off and see if putting it back fixes it. That’ll be a win if that’s the case.

Back to this post, I noticed that the hinge on the left hand garage door on the Volvo side was coming away from the frame, so I had a hack at the wood but really just made a mess.

So I found another bit of timber the right size and cut off that length of door frame.

Found two concrete screws that would do the job and drilled some holes and ran some 3 inch long screws through the hinge.

While I was working on the door I also fixed the bolt, some of these screws were no longer working that well, and I can see why now that they’re out.

Then because I had failed to cut the frame very square I had some wood filler to try to keep the weather out of the joint and to cover up my poor workmanship.

I made up far too much so put the remainder of the filler here:

So that was my evening spent not doing as I planned, but still it was a good outcome, and hopefully I wont have to do what I planned anyway as no doubt the speedo cable is not broken after all.