I pulled the dash out of the Volvo, sure enough the cable was not in it, so put it back. A couple of days later I drove the car and it is working. That’s the power of not being able to change my thoughts and explore other possibilities. Although I guess I was able to in the end.

Now about 4 years ago I 3D printed a new part which fixes the cable into the dash, the old one had broken, but I never fitted it because this did happen for 4 years. So now I came to try it..

Two issues with this part, although I copied the original and beefed it up a little, I failed to recognise that it has to assembled onto the cable when it’s made, and secondly when it printed it came out slightly on the small side, I had this same issue with many parts that I later printed on the same machine. So this is junk and has gone back in the door pocket where it shall remain. The speedo cable shall remain floating in the dash..



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