Snow and phone

Well this morning we discovered that it had snowed overnight! We were pretty excited, I drove to work, so dropped Hannah into work also we both cleared the car of snow, Hannah and I took pictures! We must have looked like a right pair of nitwits! I told everybody at work that I was thrilled with the snow, I understand that the general consensus amongst Canadians is that snow and winter is bad?! Strange bunch they are. Only Andre and Drew were looking forward to it.

IMG_2306 (1024x768).jpgIMG_2307 (1024x768).jpgIMG_2308 (1024x768).jpgIMG_2309 (1024x768).jpgIMG_2310 (1024x768).jpg

Hannah has had Fido representatives at the mall, they have been offering mall employees a deal on contract phones, so we decided that we were sending that much anyways, so we now have a Sony Xperia phone, which runs Android much to my delight. Still it will live with Hannah but at least now we have 1GB of data and unlimited everything else. I have installed Maps.

I feel compelled to report that I flew my helicopter today without incident.

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  1. Mum will be thrilled to hear about the snow. It is sunny and relatively warm here in Cornwall at the moment.
    Maps on your Sony will prove useful for someone and maybe you could explain Android to us ‘oldies’
    Pleased to hear the helicopter flew without incident

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