Yay, we have some fairly proper snow now in Sudbury and we’re forecast a little more for the coming days. However on Sunday coming, it’s going in the plus figures, so it’ll all be gone, but to wet and soggy.

Though I’d update you on my Aloe Vera, it’s growing well again, but not making as much growth as before, this could be down to the changing seasons or possibly the many small off shoots coming up as new plants. I think there are about 5 plants in the pot now.

The helicopter is suffering with very reducing flight time, I thought this was the battery but thought I would contact LiteHawk (the makers) and ask them, they have given a very particle answer, I need to check the brushes on the motor, they’re only small and can wear prematurely due to over heating of the motor, I should be able to see if they’re still in existence or not when I get it apart tonight.


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