We are regularly seeing 32 in the car, not kph, not the channel on the radio, not the rpm, not even the odometer. No, the temperature, and believe it if you will, that is in C, not K or even F, yes Celsius. Pretty hot it has been and very humid, the humidity has been dropped as low as 68% recently, obvious now (in the evening) it’s up in the low 90’s. We hear that it’s going to be like this for the whole of September!

Hannah made some little cocktail pasties, 16 in all, though we only have 14 remaining now as we had to eat two because they are SO GOOD!! Like really really good, even thought the one I had was cold it was very still VERY GOOD! I am looking forward to eating the rest. I expect we’ll get a picture of at least one of them at some point.

Today I was flying the V120D02s around the living room when I touched the DVR, left a small mark on the front of it and crashed. Unfortunately the crashed caused the tail rotor to slip on one of the gears, so while taking it all apart to see what was the matter I got some great pictures of the content of the heli:

GEDC6420 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6421 (853x1280).jpgGEDC6425 (853x1280).jpgGEDC6426 (914x614).jpgGEDC6431 (1280x917).jpgGEDC6432 (1280x856).jpgGEDC6434 (860x1280).jpgGEDC6439 (1280x856).jpgGEDC6445 (1280x856).jpgGEDC6446 (853x1280).jpg



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