I reversed into the garage the other day and got so close to the back wall that there was a crunch. The lamp that lights the registration got squished a little cracking the clear lens. When I checked its function, it was not lighting up. I took it apart and found that the connections inside of the fitting where very corroded and most parts where rusty.

The Volt meter was reading just about 2 or 3 volts at the lamp position. So I decided to retro fit some LED’s and wire them directly back to the wiring avoiding this connection arrnagement.

Found a couple of LEDs that would fit well.

Then I realised that when I fitted my reversing light, I had only fitted once because I didn’t want to run an individual wire across under the tub. When I was in doing the wiring on the inside it was apparent that I’d run a steel wire armoured cable across with spare wires in it.

I checked to see if one of these was hooked to the reversing light, and sure enough it was, so I added the other LED work light as a second reversing light.



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