I went to the TV4x4 event at Broxhead on Sunday 30th. It wa a great trip down open top in the cold. The event was very well attended with about 50, plus or munis 25 cars driving around. I was able to resuce one fella who got grounded out, great fun until my truck packed up. Some nice gent in a disco gave me a hand and helped diagnose the issue, no spark..

Some other nice fella in a fake Camel Trophy disco towed me to the start where Rob and I had another look and concluded that the AA were the best bet.

Abandoned at the turning waiting for the AA.
Being loaded up
Being unloaded at home.

The AA man conculuded that there was no switching happening and since it’s an electronic gizmo, nothing he could do to get me running, so they sent for a falt bed to take me home in the warm and confort of a heated cab!



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