I gave it away in the title! We went to Powassan Syrup Festival today, we left home at 8am as we had to get there early. Someone called Rick Mercer was going to be there. Hannah wanted to see him because she had seen him on television and liked him. He is Canadian and has been on a number of shows and has one at the moment called ‘The Rick Mercer Report’ which is informative but also funny. It was very good of him to come to such a small event. We saw all kinds of events there, Lumber Jack Challenge was there, a guy from Sudbury was part of it, ate beaver tails with maple syrup on them, saw tractors, both new and old, had a ride on a proper school bus, a yellow American one..!! Then dropped back via Lake Nipissing, which still has ice on it, but only a little, the shore line was all water, the pictures don’t show the ice at all, but it was there.

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