Popsicle Stick test #3

Well I am no longer in Youtube’s good books, I have a big red X by my name and if I get one more they will ban me from using Youtube for life! This is because I uploaded that video of Bryan Adams.. apparently I need his permission to post that online, which I guess is fair enough.

More importantly Drew and I had our popsicle head frame tested again on Friday (May 11th) morning.

We achieved 826lbs this time, before the bottom of the legs gave way to the pressure. I think that the box section collapsed allowing the frame to buckle at which point it was over. Next time we will make the ends of the legs solid, and possibly fix them together better at the base. We learned a lot having seen both what other people did and also the test rig. If we compete next year I think we will be able to go a fair bit further. probably past 1000lbs bit a bit.

Watch the video on Youtube

And the rest of the pictrues

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  1. Belated congratulations to Drew and Brendan
    Coming to terms with the fact that our son-in-law has a ‘record’ with YouTube

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