Tigger has not aided the healing of his injection wound, he licked and scratched at it a lot, so we took him in for a visit to the veterinarian. He was not best pleased at the prospect of riding in his carry case again and fought to avoid having to go into it.

GEDC6296 (1280x853).jpg

He got a clean bill of health, but the nurse did suggest that we try him with a shirt on, which we thought was well worth the laugh. We got him a “princess” shirt for a small dog. After a short period it became clear that he was not thrilled with his new garment, so that was the end of that. Just enough time to snap a couple of embarrassing pictures of him.

GEDC6290 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6292 (1280x853).jpg

He’s seeming considerably better for having had the wound cleaned and no shirt on!

GEDC6288 (1280x853).jpg

For nostalgia sake I have measured and drawn a floor plan of our apartment, in a similar style to that of Hannah’s picture of the Friend’s apartment floor plan, here’s ours:

251 Lorne.jpg

Link to the full size image

The apartment is 67.5sq m, or 725sq ft.



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