Snow Day… the hospital….

So we woke up to snow this morning; pretty awesome! It carried on snowing all day.

We took Hannah to the doctors about lunch time today as she has been in a lot of pain; difficulty walking, sitting, standing and pretty much anything! Anyway after a visit to the walk in clinic the nice Irish doctor sent us straight to the emergency room as Hannah had an abscess at the base of her spine – no wonder she was in so much pain!! After a rather minor but painful surgery it is semi better. We will have daily visits from the nurses to change dressings etc which could take months or weeks.

That was our day! From midday til now.

We found out yesterday that in Canada, whichever mobile network you are on, you have to pay for incoming as well outgoing calls!! There is your interesting fact for the day!

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92 Hyland Drive

We are now in the house….and it is baking! Brendan thinks it must be about 30 degrees in the house. Outside it is about 5 degrees. Outside is low humidity, with a clear blue sky so feels warmer than 5 degrees.

We don’t have much planned for today but we do now have Hannah’s laptop connected to the house internet so will be able to keep in touch.

The hire car is a black Dodge Caliber; automatic. Hannah is pleased as she wanted us to have a dodge at some point!

We did a bit of shopping in Walmart yesterday and discovered that they rarely do squash you add water too! How strange – so lots of fresh juice or water.

We are sharing the house with two guys – Jordan and Nevin who both seem nice. They will be moving out on Thursday but it is nice to have some insider knowledge. Apparently a lot of the food is GM here and even if it states organic that only means that up to 30% of it is!

We look forward to some comments!!

Lots of love xxx

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We’re going!

It’s here, our last day..
Hannah's flowers from Golder
The view out of Hirondelle on our last evening
Suite cases
Hand luggage

We had a great leaving do, it was great to see everybody, no worries if you didnt make it!
We packed and said goodbye to our parents on sunday. We had an interesting journey in the taxi, it wasnt the regular chap John, it was his wife, who went via the A303. and smoked. and didn’t wear her seatbelt the entire journey! It was great to see Kim, Beccy and Mark at the airport, especially at that time in the morning! Thank you for seeing us off.

Hannah’s back is unfortunately still rather painful-making it a struggle to walk. But we are both visa’d up now :) so able to work here.

We are now sat in deartures waiting for our connection…studying the Canadian money :)

Keep checking for updates!

Lots of love to all

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Leaving in a couple of days!

Its getting close now.. here are some of our contact details:

Emails Brendan: very_righteous at hotmail dot com (Work: bhampshire at golder dot com)
Hannah: hirondellehrb at hotmail dot com
Skype Brendan: brendanhampshire
Hannah: hananh.brown
Address until early July: 92 Hyland Drive, Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 1R7, Canada

We will get a land line and I expect there’s one in the house..

Got my container, thanks to Alan for allowing it to live there and to Andrew for welding the roof up!

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Almost there, flights being booked!

We are booking flights for 18th April and we’re having a leaving do on the 16th. It’ll probably be in Falmouth. I have bought a Container for my Land Rover to go into, which will be dropped at Al’s field for the duration of our stay in Canada. The container will hopefully be delivered soon.

Living room at 92 Hyland Drive
Joels picture of Ramsey Lake

We’ll be there soon!

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Land Rovers

Did you know that my 2.5L 4 cylinder Petrol  engine takes 6.85L of oil?! That’s lot isn’t it? Maybe I’ll just top it up this time..

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