This weekend we went out Friday night, we went karting then bowling, Kirstly won the bowling by a landslide. We also went to Rhythm and Cues for a game or three of pool and some beers. A great night was had. Saturday we went to Killarney Provincial Park, on the way down I think I spotted a beaver, but by the time we got back to that point it was long gone. We went to the light house and looked around the area a little. This time of year is when the shed flies are spawning or something, they only have a two week season, and we caught it. There will millions of the blighter’s, Hannah was not impressed, she spent the time hiding in my hoodie even though it was about 18deg. We had fish and chips from the van there, they were very good, I ordered more after I’d finished mine. We headed back to Sudbury at about 5pm.

About 15km out of the Killarney both Hannah and I spotted a small bear at the side of the road, it was in a ditch eating grass, we stopped did a turn in the road and drove back to it. The bear took no notice of us, we had windows wound down, talking, taking pictures, it bearly took any notice of us. We then went and did another turn in the road so that we were on the same side as the bear, only about 3m (9′ 7″) from the bear. Still it took no notice and kept eating and moving along the ditch, until it wondered over a bank and away into the bush. We continued our drive, now very excited and joking that we should see a moose next.

Another 20km passed without incident, then Kirsty exclaimed that she’s seen something in an open area of bush/samp/bog which could have been a moose, in a flash I’d checked my mirrors, executed an emergency stop, slammed the car in reverse, wheels spinning, smoking tires.. sorry that was my imagination running wild.. We just stopped and reversed back normally, as you’d expect of any careful driver. Sure enough there was female with a young moose!

Speechless at this stage..

We got out and crossed the road to get closer, the moose where probably 300m away (that’s a guess, a pure guess, they could have been anywhere from 150 to 400m probably!!). We had Hannah’s binoculars which she got from Bernardo’s (For which she was ridiculed no end for buying more tat for £2) with us, we were able to make them out quite clearly at the far side of the open patch. Unfortunately for us moose have big ears and I guess quickly realised we were there and got spooked, running up onto a rock towards cover. They eventually took their leave after about 5mins of posing on the rock exactly as Hannah had wanted to see them do so!

Video on Youtube taken by Kirsty

Pictures of Phil Kirsty and Hannah’s trip to Onaping falls.

Pictures of carting, the flies, bear and moose. And some of Kirsty’s pictures too.



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