This past week has been “warm” in terms of Canadian winter. It rained on Sunday all day and didn’t stop until mid week. Much of the snow and ice melted. The parking lot (Carpark) is now clear of snow and ice, the roads are all clear, it’s just the snow banks and snow mountains that remain. There is road grit everywhere now, the snow melts and runs away leaving the grit behind, up to half an inch thick in places, enough to cover the lines in the road and parking lots.

I moved cube today, I am now one the other side and at the far end of the row, it’s a dark spot, as noted by Terry Pratchett; light thought it was the fastest thing in the universe. But no matter how fast it travels  it finds that darkness got there first and is waiting for it. Sure enough this is the case, there is plenty of darkness hiding out the corners of my cube, there are no lights over head that cast direct light into the cube and also no windows that allow day light, the fastest kind of light, to drive the darkness out. Only a dark blue wall for a view. So I let the maintenance guy know just that, I have his word that I will get some faster light to beat the darkness.



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