Nitrogen, N, has a relative atomic mass of 14.0067, this is actually a ratio of the average mass of a single atom of the particular element to 1/12th the mass of an average carbon atom. From this we can deduce that a single carbon atom must be 168.0804. Nitrogen was discovered in Scotland by Daniel Rutherford back in 1772. Random? Yes.

Thats all by the by, I bought some Nitrogen plant food for house plants to see if I can boost the growth of my Aloe Vera. I have just this moment read a scientific study on the affects of nitrogen on Aloe growth. It’s negligible over good quality soil…! I doubt my soil is decent, so maybe this will make a small difference

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Also me pretending to sleep with Tigger. Also I think that Tigger has a thing for “nice bags” he is always interested when we come in with bags and will climb in them, sniff them, chew them, just loves bags.

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