We decided to go to Niagara with Rebecca. We checked the weather report again and again prior to our drive south. In the end we had great weather, it was blue sky’s and sun all the way there and back, short of the last hour and a half to Sudbury. It was light, no where near as bad as when Hannah and I drove down three years back. In hind sight we drover in particularly poor conditions that time! I didn’t bat an eye lid at the time, maybe I am getting…..
We had a great time, saw the falls and went into one of the casino’s. We also met up with one of Rebecca’s friends from Uni. Her dad took us out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Niagara. The day after we went on the journey behind the falls then went to where the whirl pool is, but there was no whirl pool. whether that was due to the flow rate of the river or not I don’t know, but it wasn’t there.
Here are the pictures



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