I just found the pictures of us watching the super bowl, we bought some popcorn which had cashews in it, that was lovely, we also had melon, so there’s a few pictures of that.

Today we went with Santi and Tibor (And his dog) down to Manitoulin Island. We went in Santi’s car, and Tibor went in his with his dog, apparently sometimes Tibors dog is not so friendly, though we have seen no evidence of this. We went to Bridal Veil Falls first, they weren’t completely frozen, there was still a little water coming over them. I climbed in behind the falls on the ice, the ice formations in there were pretty cool, as was the frozen falls them selves. We then drove on down to Providence bay, we went there with Jessica in the summer. the whole of the bay looked frozen, but I dont know how thick most of it was, we could make out the water on the horizon, but only just. The first 30 or 40m of water was all ice, I guess where it had blown in and stacked up, Thats what we walked on, we didn’t dare to go onto the main part of the ice sheet. I tried to skid on a sheet of ice on the shore and fell over. The snow on the beach was about 2″ thick, but has a hardened surface so that we were able walk ontop of it, only by jumping on it were we able to punch through it into the softer stuff below. In places where the sand was visible the frost had lifted the grans of sand about an inch above the main beach.

Here’s the video of the falls and pictures from the whole day.



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