We went on our second honey moon to Mackinac Island over the long weekend, not as long as a UK Easter weekend, only 3 days, they only get the Friday off here. We drove the 392km to St. Ignace in Michigan USA, yup that’s right, we have now been to the United States of America. Tick. Getting through customs was interesting, we got pulled over, as most were simply let through, we had to go into the building and fill in a form so that we could get a visa waver, which is similar to a visa in the fact that you have to pay for it! Only $6 though. This all took in the region of an hour. Then we were on our way again, another hour or so south, now travelling at 70mph though rather than the 110kph that we’d been doing for the past 3 hours or so. We reached St. Ingnace and found the ferry terminal. We then went to a diner for some lunch, they sold pasties! I foolishly thought I’d try one, it was food and tasted good, but it wasn’t really a pasty.. The diner has been there for sixty four years, all the décor was the same, it was pretty cool. The boat took us to island in a little over 30mins. We found Park Place Suites without any issue, the room was lovely. We immediately went out for a walk and to find some food. We had some great food at the ‘Village Inn’ which is where I had the beer in the photos. The next day the there was not a breath of wind in the air and equally as much noise. Quite simply it was tranquil. We couldn’t believe our luck. I tried to capture the still tranquil scene with pictures, but felt they didn’t do justice to the noise, so took a video clip, but that has ‘noise’ from the poor quality camera microphone I think, so you’ll just have to take me word for it. When we were quiet there was silence, which was only broken by the odd bird song and the distance clip clop of the taxi.

We came across an open bike rental place, where we enquired about the cost of hiring a bike or two. We decided on a tandem. it was a mere $12 an hour, so we took it. Maybe ‘took’ is too strong a word, we gingerly rode away, wobbling and struggling to get the hang of it! the first photos that you see of that we’d ridden about 1/2 a mile (Just out of sight of the shop!) We then rode a bit then would stop again to admire the view and take pictures to try to prove to you how stunning it was. We began to get the hang of the bike, we both tried front and back, and eventually settled with Hannah at the front, this allowed for me to sit back and enjoy the ride: te he. Not really. We made a complete trip around the island’s 8 and a bit mile perimeter in exactly 2 hours. We then went back for a little lunch to our room/apartment and then went back out for a walk, we walked up into the middle part of the island which we had been warned was more hilly and we’d struggle with the bike there. We walked for about 4 hours around the island. We had dinner at the Mustang Pud that night, not as nice as the Village Inn, but it was the only place open that night. We awoke the next morning to find that the wind had got up in the night, still the island was very pretty but the sky was not so. We went for a short walk and caught the ferry back to the main land.

…….to be continued!! Its 10.15pm now.

Here are the pictures, also more to come and some videos.



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