Well, we had some hot weather and I didn’t really do much worth talking about on here. I had a leaking carb bowl that caused me some head aches, but which a new gasket on the bowl and a good clean of the float needle valve seem to have cleared up. Then I wax-oil’d the chassis a bit and tinkered a little.

A leaf spring (You’re look for the fresh wax-oil
One clean float and needle valve

I guess we enjoyed the sun as a family, or kept out of it depending on how hot it was. I found that the rear diff had a leaky input shaft seal. So was thinking about replacing it, anyway, one thing led to another and before I knew it we were driving to Will Shakespeare’s birth place (Stratford-upon-Avon) to pick up my birthday present from my loving wife.

A second hand one.. came with all of the compressor etc etc

It’s Spanish as well, seem some use and hopefully will solve the leading diff seal issue too!! Came off a Range Rover, a rare one apparently. I wouldn’t know. Nice fella who sold it to me. I hope it works.



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