Inner arch

I said I was going to add an inner wheel arch to protect the air receiver from getting covered in mud and muck. I think it will extend it’s life and perhaps avoid future failures. It’s not 100% sealed, but at least the air receiver is not in the direct firing line of any stones and what have you that fly off the tyre. I often hear stones come off the tyre and hit the under side of the rear tub/wheel arch, they should like someone fired a gun in the back. This job turned out to be easier than expect. I found a bit of second hand aluminium that already had a return in on side, I didn’t even need to cut it, just added a return on the opposite side and pop riveted it in.

You might be wondering what the white is, well, that’s “Sticks like Sh*t” adhesive that I happened to have in the gun and to hand. Your next question is probably “why”, I gave the panel a thump and it made a drumming noise that I didn’t think I could cope with, so I added that along the top edge to try to dampen it’s movement and hopefully also dampen any sound caused by vibrations etc.

Another view if the same thing from inside of the arch.

UPDATE on the last post: No, I couldn’t be bothered with running sand paper over the plastic padding. Maybe one day… or not.