The saga of helicopter continues, having decided to not fly it inside anymore because of the risk of damaging possessions or plants, I flew outside for a number of days, then it rained a lot last week or was too windy. So today I set about tidying the flat while Hannah was at work, whilst tidying I wondered if I might get away with a quick hover around the bed room. So having tided and made sure that there were no aloe vera plants in the room, I had a fly, all was going well, I had about 4 or 5 good flights, controlled and intentional maneuvers etc. Then I ditched close to the window, I throttles in as it went down, but too late, the blades smashed into the lower part of the radiator, I heard a crack and saw a flash of something. I discovered that it had removed the last 10mm (3/8″) of one of the rotor blades. Not a problem as spares come with it. So I simply replaced the broken blade.


GEDC4471 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4474 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4475 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4476 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4478 (1024x683).jpg



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