Getting keen with the pictures

Fairly random selection of photos from Hannah’s phone

And pictures taken on our trip to Manitoulin Island:

Last night we stayed in and didn’t get up to anything much, short of watching tv. I think I forgot to mention in the last entry that we met a couple (Paul and Karen) up the road towards Winchester Avenue, they had a couple of alcoholic beverages, but where very friendly and proceeded to tell us all about the local area, they do a lot of publicity type stuff for Sudbury, so they know the history etc, fascinating! Apparently since they’ve lived there (about 25 years) they’ve had snowy rabbits, foxes, racoons, coyotes and even a bear in their garden, which is impressive I though! Their property backs onto the hill out to the north of us. They have a lovely view of Sudbury form their stoop. That’s where I took the sunset pictures from!


  1. The photos are lovely to look at, would love to visit tutti fruity (for the fruit or course!!)

    Take care love to you both XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

  2. Lovely to see more photos. Definitely want to go Tutti Frutti when we visit. The fruit looks amazing.
    Love you both

    Why aren’t more people commenting on this blog !!!

    1. Yay thank you for commenting – it worked okay then ??! The drawings were done by both Brendan and I – the good ones are Brendans :) In a restaurant called Montana’s they put down paper on the table and give you crayons to doodle. We both got carried away drawing and when we looked round we realised we were the only people doing so!! Also someone suggested to us afterwards that we could have played tic tac toe but that never occurred to us!! We’re all about the artistic streak! Hope you’re ok xxx

      1. Haha yes turns out sleep does actually help your brain :-p mum and dad want to comment later to :-) ah ok well they wre all very good. Oh yeah I didn’t think of that either, you could have played hangman! It’s all going ok in Wales, off to Cardiff to watch the rugby woop woop (saints, not jonathan!) xxx

  3. Hope you have had a good weekend, seems like I haven’t spoken to you for a while after speaking most nights! Did you manage to sort the buses out? How is hannah feeling? I hope she has been resting lots, although I guess a trip to tutti fruiti would be an exception!
    Speak to you soon, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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