Gate adjustment

First and second gear, in particular first gear was not going in nicely, it was very tight and clicky into the gate. I had a quick read of Ashcroft’s website:

The LT77 in my Defender does not engage 1st / 2nd nicely, the gate is tight and hard to find. Why ?

When you move the gearstick to the left it stops when it hits the spring loaded reverse plunger, it should then move up to 1st and down to 2nd, sometimes the position of the plunger needs adjusting to allow either the stick to go further to the left or sometimes not as far over so it lines up better with the 1/2 gear positions. The is done by adding or removing shims behind the reverse plunger body which is held on with 2 M8 bolts to the right of the shifter turret in the top housing.”

Very useful resouce, bearing in mind that I didn’t buy this gearbox from them.

Remove this plunger thing

I removed this shim, and will test it at some point, the gear stick feels nicer along that edge of the gate. I imagine it’s going to be better.