So, in a surprising turn of events (to me), I was informed that in Land Rover did not in fact fail it’s MoT, I was just being wound up. In fairness too, I never did ask in so many words if it passed or not, I just made assumed, there by making an ass of me in this instance. (To assume is to make an ass of ‘u’ and me).

So I now have a split pin, for which I could not a place to fit it, and I did look, but like Alan said, he doesn’t think there is a hole in the rod end for the split pin, I suggested just bending it around the threaded part. But I suspect I’ll just keep the pin in the dash for old time sake.

Insurance is next along with the road tax, I love taxing my Land Rover. “Why?” Because it’s free!

Below is a nice picture of Andrew driving a tractor:



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