I spent my weekend fixing the Land Rover, it had fail to continue running the last time we’d all gone green laning. I thought it was going top be the carburettor, but after rebuilding that it still wouldn’t run, I checked the fuel pump bowl, emptied the water from it and replaced it. Still no signs of life. I cleaned the spark plugs, distributor cap and arm, checked all the leads, tried another coil. All to no avail. I ended up going to Mill Auto’s and getting a new coil and four new plugs. It fired first time without the chock. Also replace the head light bulb that had blown and put the last tax disk into the holder, probably for the last time ever.

2014-01-25 10.43.08.jpg2014-01-25 10.43.14.jpg2014-01-25 10.43.19.jpg2014-01-25 13.32.19.jpg2014-01-25 13.32.32.jpg2014-01-26 11.40.31.jpg2014-01-26 13.54.01.jpg2014-01-26 13.54.14.jpg2014-01-26 13.58.21.jpg2014-01-26 14.06.03.jpg2014-01-26 14.06.14.jpg




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