Not been on here for a while! Anyway, I guess the weather has been too good, we’ve had some stunning hot weather, we’ve been out and about as much as we can, we made it down to Killarney on Tuesday afternoon, for a little boat trip on Lake George and then fish and chips, and all back in time for Tibor’s 33rd birthday Go-kart racing evening. I have been going to the gym with Drew quite a bit recently, we did squats on Wednesday night, since then I have been very stiff indeed. But that has not deterred me, again I went on Friday night, where we concentrated on shoulders and upper body, that wasn’t so bad, then again yesterday (Sunday) where we did dead-lifts, romanian dead-lifts, good mornings and then some other random stuff. Today I feel very stiff. I think I am going to take it steady this week. On Saturday Hannah and I drop down to Parry Sound where we meet up with Ryan, it’s a two hour drive to Parry Sound, Ryan drove for a little longer to get from Toronto where he was staying with his girlfriend. We sat and chatted for four hours then we went our separate ways. We could have sat and talk for much longer..



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