Filler cap attached

I lost my filler cap back before the Salisbury trip, I left it on the petrol pump. Very disappointed that it didn’t seem to have been handed in as lost.

I had a strip of aluminium and bend it into a rough circle, tried it in the filler neck once, marked it, removed it, drilled the hole and pop riveted the chain fixing the diameter of it. I then tapped it in with a hammer, but it was slightly too small. I was expecting it to be a tight fit, it was lose. Hence the bucked top where I bent it to make it fit tight. That’s now a job for a day when I feel really keen. Likely never.

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  1. Measure twice cut once…. I always intend to do that… next time!

    Needed the circular saw today fora long cut, but the jigsaw was handy, I made a real pig’s ear of it and took longer but …… time…maybe?

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