But actually it is only -16, which is cold enough when walking to work, as we both did today. There is something here in Canada called the ‘Felt air temperature’  which is a measure of how quickly the average body will lose heat due to the actual temperature, wind speed, air density and relative humidity. So tomorrow I am going to use the hood come balaclava thing that Hannah got me from Christmas last year. This weekend we’re forecast +10 or so, all the snow will be gone.

I have been thinking about when we return to the UK with all of our electrical goods, which run on 120V at 60Hz on the UK 240V 50Hz system. I was contemplating trying to build a fairly industrial transformer and having a few power points that would serve those item, however I have just discovered that one can purchase these items:

240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz from Maplins



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