Exhaust Flexi

The exhaust has kept coming lose at the joint of the manifold and the down pipe. This was irritating because the fumes tended to come into the cab, which I found unpleasant. I suspected that the movement of the engine was working that joint lose, as even though the exhaust is rubber mounted for movement, it’s probably not enough and given that pretty much all modern cars come with a flexible joint the exhaust I think that this solution should solve this issue.

I sized up where I wanted the flexi, close to the engine, but it also can’t be on a bend and I didn’t feel like welding it, so I needed the extra length for the clamp joints, which I was hoping would give me some allowance to avoid the spring hanger and various other obstructions.

Cut the exhaust and tested it on the truck.

There is now more clearance between the crossmember and exhaust and also between the spring hanger and exhaust, I think that this is down to being able to twist the two sections about the flexi joint.

I used a whole (small) tube of exhaust paste in the joints so it should be pretty air tight.