I went to my local auto breakers yard and picked up a windscreen washer pump, some door seal and a horn. All from a small Audi that had been in a front end collision it looked like. I paid a fiver for those bits. First I fitted the door seal as it was easiest.

Then I did the horn as that was also pretty simply to pull out the old one and solder the new connector to the wires and refit.

You’d barely know that it’s new to the vehicle. Then I started on the windscreen washer pump, which is not the same or even similar to the old one, it’s a different fitment to the bottle, different wiring.

First job was to get the mud off and out of the washer bottle, which might well explain why the old pump packed it in. This bottle was off a mark 3 Ford Escort van.

I bunged up the old hole with a 12 mm drive socket, the type made from aluminium with a screw driver type drive bit, so on hole in it. This is not yet complete. The pump has two outlets, one is fired when the motor is turned in one direct, then both are fired when the pump is driven the other way, by reversing the polarity on the motor. I have yet to determine if there is anything I can use the second outlet for.



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