We chilled for a weekend after Rebecca left, just felt like not doing much! This is no reflection on how hard Rebecca was to entertain or anything. No seriously, its not. Really. Seriously? YES! Well I am pleased we got past that one.

So on to this weekend just gone, we were offered the chance through Golder to go to a bonspiel on Friday night, it was suggested that Santi, Tibor, Hannah and I should go, as none of us had ever done curling before. Then it was discovered that there were no places left, but at about 10am Friday morning a team dropped out, and we got in! Jake went as our captain, he had curled before.

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Then on Saturday we went and got our skates sharpened, they were so blunt! I had no idea it would make so much difference. Skates are an interesting shape. Yes they ARE.

The bottom of a modern ice skate blade, unlike the blade of a knife, has a crescent-shaped hollow, creating two sharp edges on each skate. Ideally, the two edges of a blade are parallel, but poor maintenance practices, such as improper sharpening or lack of consistent sharpening, can often result in oblique edges. These “bad” edges can affect skating ability significantly. The depth of this hollow is known as the Radius of Hollow (RoH). The Radius of Hollow is typically between 1/4″ and 1″ depending on the type of skates and the user

Taken from ‘wikipedire

It made a difference to how Hannah was able to skate, but I am so bad that it didn’t affect my ability at all! However I also didn’t fall over either on our one lap! I felt that was quite an achievement!

We spent Saturday evening with Katie and Troy, I helped clear the drive again with the ATV. Then on Sunday we went to the Cinema with Santi then later on we watched the Super Bowl, Madona did the half time thingy.

This week Hannah discovered that there is a Sudburylicious food festival on at the moment, a three course meal for $25, so we decided to go to Mr. Prime Rib, which is a restaurant that we have both heard good review of. But it doesn’t look like much from outside (Google Street View), but it was very good, Very VERY good. We treated it as our Valentines meal.



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