Counting down

This post has nothing to do with counting down, I was just mulling over the fact that we’ll soon not be in Sudbury.

So here are few of pictures from our weekend. We had great fun, at Camp and then a party on Sunday night with Hannah’s work colleagues and Monday at Fairbanks.

GEDC6456 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6459 (1280x853).jpgIMG_7000 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7106 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7127 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7137 (1280x960).jpgGEDC6463 (1280x853).jpg

Where I found a log in the water..

IMG_7140 (1280x960).jpg

Which I thought I’d re-float..

IMG_7141 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7142 (960x1280).jpgIMG_7143 (960x1280).jpg

but it didn’t get into open water…

IMG_7144 (1280x960).jpg

So I tried again..

IMG_7145 (960x1280).jpgIMG_7146 (960x1280).jpg


IMG_7147 (960x1280).jpg

Also, I had seen this combine harvester a few times, but never stopped to get a closer look..

GEDC6468 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6469 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6470 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6471 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6472 (853x1280).jpg

And got bitten quite a few times over the weekend.

IMG_7149 (1280x960).jpg