Last weekend Hannah did some cooking, which is great because it was cake and stuff!! I was very very pleased with her decision. I felt that it would enhance my already great life a lot!! And it did!
Taking a single step back, we didn’t get up to very much on Saturday, except shopping, we got many items, mainly though we got snow boots, they’re good to forty below, they have a felt lining in them. It is meant to snow any day now (it snowed today, butand when it does Hannah and I are going to get a Dairy Queen at that moment if we can!

Well I’ve eaten a few of the cup cakes and a number of mince pies so far, they’re exceedingly good! Thanks Hannah!

We went to Costco on Monday evening with Troy and Katie, we got various things cheap in bulk. Troy and I looked at flat panel TV’s, for about $1500 one can get a 60″ LED type TV.. awesome. I want one.

We’re still waiting for the snow… roll on the snow!!



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