The ferry ride back to the mainland was calm and relaxed, I don’t think that they do anything in a rush. We now headed South (away from home) towards the third longest bridge in total suspension in the world. We paid our $4 toll and drive at 45mph (which honestly is the speed limit on the bridge) for about 11 minutes before we reached the far side. Thus 45 divided by 11 is 5.6, 5.6 into 60 goes about 8 times, so the bridge is about 8 miles long. Pretty far eh? We then turned off and tried to find a spot to turn around to head back the other way for home. We found a main street which looked very touristy, but it had a few shops that were open and one particular place was selling fudge, which I had been told was something that we should try. We got some vanilla, death by chocolate, moose attach and some chocolate mint fudge. We then spotted that a diner across the road was open, so we got some very good sandwiches and fries there. Then we headed home, the customs people for the Canadian side don’t have as nice a building, in fact it looks like a bit of a dump in comparison, but the people were much nicer!! the lady checked out our passports, asked a few questions, such as had we bought anything, I mentioned the fudge and the ornamental horse. She laughed. We saw some more Amish on the way home and also a few signs showing horses and carts. We got back home for a little after 7pm. Jessica arrived at 9.

In other news, Drew and I have been building a popsicle stick mine head frame, which came together tonight! We have it looking like what it’s meant to be. This Sat is ‘D’ day for it. Tested to destruction.



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