Competition and the weekend

It snowed again towards the end of last week, only a few inches, but it made the brown snow nice and white again. so at least the place looks nice again.

Friday night we went out for a meal with Katie and Troy at East Side Marios, which was nice, we ate late though, got back to their at about 11. Stopped past Timmies on the way home to get doughnuts..

Saturday we did a few chores in the morning, Troy wanted to go skating on Ramsey, so Troy and I went down and skated from Science North to bell park and back, which about a 3km round trip!! pretty good for me to make it that far, I fell three times, once very minor, just had to put my hand down, then once because Troy was doing turns, so I tried a fast one and fell!! And lastly, and you’ll be very please to hear this; Troy was videoing me going along, where the snow melted at the edge of the ice, water has run out onto the ice and re-frozen making small hills about an inch high, it was one of these that I got onto, but coming down off it nailed me… I am going to get the video off Troy and post it on here!!!

Today Hannah is working and at 2pm I being picked up from ours to head for Mississauga for a training course all week, I think that I am going to be back Friday night, but failing that I will be back Saturday.

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